Vanessa copy.jpg

Vanessa, Insole Court, Llandaff 2018



(This House Is A Stage)

DD for history.jpg

By Eva Hesse, Maybe, 2018

(from Death's Door, with Charles Darwent)

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44 Shaine.jpg

Transplant and Life, Shaine, Portsmouth 2017


43 barnfiled 2.jpg

Barnfield People, Woolwich, London 2017

42 Lucy's Breakfast 2.jpg

Lucy’s Breakfast, Sevenoaks, Kent 2016

41 About Soul.jpg

About Soul, London 2015 - 2017

40 warsaw dress ws.jpg

Wedding Dress, Praga, Warsaw 2016

39 Swings 2014.jpg

Swings, Newham, London 2015

38 Central Park.jpg

Central Park, New York 2015

37 Myriam .jpg

Myriam, I Am Not The Cancer, Paris 2014


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36 cows.jpg

Laugh a Minute, Bunadoon, Austraila 2013


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35 Billet Road Test copy.jpg

Vergeltungswaffen, London 2012

34 Note Lobby.jpg

Window Note, 11th Avenue, New York 2011

(Lobbies Project)

33 Heathrow .jpg

Heathrow Prayer Room, London 2011

(Lobbies Project)

32 In Between Days 2017.jpg

In Between Days, Brisbane, London 2011

31 Couples Still.jpg

Drainage Bag, UK 2011

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30 Thanksgiving.jpg

Thanksgiving, New York 2010

29 Jewish Museum.jpg

Jewish Museum, Brussels 2010

(Lobbies Project)

28 Nicky Minaj a trois.jpg

Nicki Minaj, New York 2010

(Famous Faces Project)

27 Nicolas Cage.jpg

Nicolas Cage New York 2010

(Famous Faces Project)

26 Hour.jpg

Hour, London Festival of Music 2009

(with Chris Letcher)

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25 SMEETH for ws.jpg

Mr Smeeth, Portsmouth 2008. 

From Open

24 ITU .jpg

ITU, Tate Britain, London 2007


(with John Wynne)

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23 Transplant.jpg

Transplant, 2006 - 2008

(with John Wynne)

22 Miss world.jpg

Miss World, Natchez, Mississippi 2008

21 Mum .jpg

Mum, Banstead, Surrey 2008

20 WAATS  copy.jpg

We Are All The Same, Royal Marsden Hospital, London 2005

19 Hanging Poem, .jpg

Hanging Map, Modern Art Oxford, 2005

18 stopdon'tthe war.jpg

Stop The War, London 2005

16 Birds and Signs.jpg

Birds And Signs, Ochopee, Florida 2004

Dr. Eric Bookhardt says: 'Photography has been called the most democratic of all art forms because of it’s uniquely direct relationship with the world around us. For instance, British photographer Tim Wainwright is famous for his portraits, not only of notables such as Princess Diana and author John Grisham, but also of the impoverished slum dwellers of Bombay and the long-term mentally ill of London. He also has a more subtle side seen in his Palma show of ‘abstract’ photographs made on both sides of the Atlantic between 1999 and 2004. Ranging from graphic close-ups of agricultural tools and unlikely views of Victoria station to his even more unlikely, if not downright loopy, panoramas of buzzards swooping over the pre-fab landscapes of south Florida, Wainwright reveals that art is where you find it.'

15 Wheelchair.jpg

Wheelchair, Fort Myers, Florida 2003

13 Jean and Robert.jpg

Bay House, Gulf Port, Mississippi 2002

12 communion piece.jpg

Communion Piece, Medjugorje 2001

11 Mum's Shoes.jpg

Mum’s Shoes, Queensland, Australia 2000

10 Victoria station .jpg

Victoria Platform, London 1999

09 Marko .jpg

Marko Matysic, couturier, London 1998

08 Healers.jpg

Healers, UK 1997 - 1999

07 Thom.jpg

Thom Stoelker, designer, London 1996

06 Lady Elwes.jpg

Lady Elwes, Chelsea, London 1995

(Ghost Stories Project)

05 Hoover.jpg

Allowed To Speak, London 1993 - 1996


04 India Kids.jpg
03 India Dog.jpg

Hutment People, Mumbai 1983 - 1985

02 Authors .jpg

Authors, UK 1980 - 1990

01 Carol.jpg

Portraits, ICA New Contemporaries, 1977